Collection: Third Eye

This third eye design with its clean aesthetic is influenced by minimalist pop art. Continuing the tradition of artists such as Keith Haring and others, it creates a new and modern perspective of a sacred symbol of enlightenment through meditation making this simplistic piece one of the best clothing designs in modern art.

Wake up and reach the next level of awareness on this journey we call life! Remind yourself every day with this fresh design to attain perception beyond ordinary sight and stay focused with a clear mind as in ancient times. The third eye has a special place in history and has been used for thousands of years as a sign of attaining higher consciousness. In Hinduism, the third eye symbolizes the “Ajna” or the third eye chakra. In Buddhism, the third eye represents transcending beyond our physical sight in order to achieve enlightenment. In Taoism, the third eye or the “mind’s eye” is meant to help us tune into the vibrations of the universe or the “Tao”. This classic spiritual image matches perfectly with any combination of styles, outfits or moods and will make the best gift for anyone.

This original handmade art design was created by Beat author and artist Mel Ash in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.